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Laurel’s passion for editing and proofreading drives client success. We consider Laurel to be "one of us"—an effortless and natural extension of our small marketing and communications team. We turn to her for copyediting of everything from survey reports to articles to grant proposals, and we learn from her in the process every time. A flexible, reliable, and consummate professional, she is truly our partner in clear communications. It could not be easier to work with Laurel, and we are continually grateful for the polish she gives our work.

—Kim Adkinson, Associate Director, Marketing and Communications, Exponent Philanthropy, Washington, DC


Laurel has a creative mind and is a highly competent manager of every aspect of working with a document. In a pinch, she has been kind enough to produce layouts for me that are every bit as professional as those created by our graphic design department. When I asked her where she got those additional skills, she replied, "I just figured it out."
That is an attitude you can’t teach!

—Cameron Barry, Writer/Editor, Words Count LLC, Baltimore, MD


Laurel Vincenty is a scrupulous, methodical, sharp-eyed copyeditor who can quote chapter and verse from
The Chicago Manual of Style.

—John Lindner, Managing Editor, CRS.org, Catholic Relief Services, Baltimore, MD


Laurel Vincenty has an amazing ability to simplify wording, bring clarity to thoughts, and ensure that the writing is put together in a logical manner. I am extremely thankful to her for her superb work.

—Matthew Will, Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor, M&E House, Timor-Leste


Laurel is the best editor I have ever used.

—Roberta R. Greene, PhD, ACSW, LCSW, Professor Emeritus of Social Work, University of Texas at Austin


It is said that everyone has a story within them. If this is true for you, you'll need a great copy editor. And if you have something important, funny, uplifting, inspirational, or informational to share, the copy editor you need is Laurel Vincenty of PlanetEdit. Her keen eye, ability to "hear" what you want to say and talent for weaving words together in a comprehensive way results in dynamic advertising, e-books, articles—you name it! Take action and get your message out. Laurel is your key to meaningful communication.

—Renee Canali, Mindset Coach, Cultivating Change, LLC, Rockville, MD


Laurel is one of those colleagues whose skills and insight really improve the end product. She has a skill often overlooked these days—listening as a primary part of communication. Her ability to edit and improve the readability of a complex manuscript is a welcome addition to the editorial workflow. Her choice of wording always enhances the document while maintaining an active voice. Laurel is a team player with a genuine interest in how things are going throughout the editorial process. She is a gem!

—Guy Arceneaux, Creative Marketing Director, Arceneaux Direct, Baltimore, MD


Highly capable and diligent in [her] editing of the many terms defined [in this dictionary].

—Robert L. Barker, Author, in Acknowledgments, The Social Work Dictionary, 2nd edition


I gratefully acknowledge . . . [Laurel who] shared her considerable talents in formatting the Quick Guide to Mechanics.

—Linda Beebe, Editor, in Acknowledgments, Professional Writing for the Human Services


I want to thank . . . [Laurel] for her diligent editing of this edition.

—Henry N. Mendelsohn, Author, in Preface, An Author’s Guide to Social Work Journals, 3rd edition


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